I'm a practicing artist, queer cartoonist and all-purpose picture-manufacturer in rural victoria.

I paint, print, sculpt and animate work that tackles the mucky specifics of contemporary queer identity- particularly queer identity as shaped by internet subculture, fandom and fraternity. I am a gay man who found family online in alternative communities- furries in particular, and I want to be honest about that in my professional work, for the sake of people who're made of similar stuff and need to know they still belong.

Another thing I'm interested in is how work that deals in identity- particularly queer work - clashes and meshes with long-established formalist ideas about high art. I'm cursed with knowledge of arbitrary rules learned from art school - a voice that says "too autobiographical! too illustrative! too obvious!" stops me from doing what I really want to do, and I'm interested in working with that problem as a subject in itself.

I also draw a lot of naked dogmen.
If you have to ask "is this a sex thing?", it probably is.

I have a BCA in fine arts from latrobe, I got it during the pandemic, I use it as a coaster.

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