I like to think of GIFs as the last vestige of the internet I grew up on, before our entire experience of online spaces was whittled down to three-or-four websites and the powers that be reduced customizability to a minimum for maximum brand engagement. I make these gifs in freeware, using bits and pieces I find or have lying around to make tiny moving paintings which satiate my urge to make things that move (compensating for my lack of knowledge in actual film-making and animation)

I can't wait for meta, or whatever, to announce that gif support will be phased out on social media at large in favour of something that's easier to put tracking cookies and microtransactions in. Then I can just like, leave.

SARSEN CAM, 2021- Ghostly critters caught on and around a prehistoric monolith

Miscellaneous tests, 2021-2022

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